Monday, May 4, 2009

cross pollenation of perl6 implementations

Most days, I try to drop by and scan through the conversations of the various people actually implementing and testing Perl6. More often than not, 98.6% of the conversations involve details that are over my head. But it is still nice to check in on the ebb and flow of progress. As often as not, I learn a thing or two too...

Today it was nice to see ├╝ber tester Jonathan Worthington and Rakudo's Patrick Michaud talking about refactoring Rakudo's p6opaque. What was nice, beyond the open and informative dialog... was the many references to SMOP's design and dialog with Daniel Ruoso. (FYI: SMOP is a bottom up implementation starting with Perl6 OO features.)

I often hear references to how the various implementations have exercised the specs from different angles. It is nice to see how the various implementations are strengthening and facilitating each other.

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