Monday, May 11, 2009

Padre on OSX

Work and life have been keeping Perl mostly on the sidelines this past week.

I've been following Gabor Sazbo's blog posts on Padre since he first asked for suggestions for a name. But I haven't actually used it. The idea of a cross platform internationalized open source editor written in Perl is actually pretty exciting. Especially with all the pluggins available and promise of better syntax highlighting. I've always heard that only perl can parse Perl. So it is nice to see a lot of developers actively developing a best of breed editor in Perl.

I noticed that the instructions for installing Padre on OSX would have had me running a massive update of the system's perl via cpan. I've always been a little risk averse. The idea of upgrading the operating system's perl sounds like a recipe for trouble.

So I tried installing padre using my local install of Perl 5.10.0. Unfortunately, Padre requires a Perl compiled with -Dusethreads. So... why not... I recompiled a threaded perl executable. I was then able to run cpan and install Padre without problem. Padre executes and comes up just fine.

I took a little time to update the wiki instructions just so the next traveller will know that it is indeed possible to run Padre on OSX compiled locally from source. But now my time is up. I'll have to write up my experiences with Padre next time.

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